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Software Developer

Based in the United Kingdom, I have a passion for building software that is scalable, maintainable, and user friendly. I have experience working with a variety of technologies and languages, including React, Java and Python.

About me

  1. Started my degree

    I started my degree in Computer Science at the University of Loughborough. I am currently in my second year and I am enjoying it so far. I am learning a lot about the theory behind computer science and programming best practices.

  2. Co-founded Logica Solutions

    I co-founded a custom software solution company. Our software engineers have a track record of delivering the highest quality. Previously working with organisations such as, Aston Martin, Odeon and Help For Heroes. They have also developed mobile apps for top ten UK universities.

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  3. First job in tech

    I got an internship in tech as a software engineer at Coherent Software. It was a great experience and I learned a lot about the industry and how to work in a team. I worked on a variety of projects and technologies including React, React Native, Node, Postgres, Tailwind, and more.

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  4. Hired for first full-time job

    For my industrial placement, I secured a job as a software developer at STFC in the ISIS Neutron and Muon Source. I will be working on a variety of projects relating to the scientific instruments used at the facility by researchers.

Formula Student is an exciting challenge for universities worldwide. To enhance our team's efficiency, I am creating a top-notch system using cutting-edge technologies such as Python, MySQL, and Linode cloud. The system will enable us to effortlessly manage and locate parts, resulting in faster and smoother car assembly. The user-friendly interface, built with Tkinter, adds to the system's appeal.

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